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Let property grow the economy

What is a bigger contributor to Australia’s economy than iron ore and coal exports combined? What directly and indirectly generates more gross domestic product than New Zealand’s economy? The answer: Australia’s property sector. The Property Council of Australia this week launched its Let property grow the economy campaign, which highlights the significant contribution the sector […]

What are your waste management..

What are your waste management programs really achieving? We all know it’s a good idea to waste less and recycle more, but we don’t often stop to think about what is really being achieved with all of our efforts to divert waste from landfill and increase recovery of materials.  Sure, we get a report with […]

Getting to the top is one thing..

Getting to the top is one thing, staying there is another Back in 2009, GPT won the Banksia Large Business Sustainability Award and topped the DJSI real estate global rankings for the first time. Five years later and GPT again won the Banksia award and regained the DJSI global real estate top position (for the […]