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Head of Office & Logistics: Matthew has over 20 years’ professional experience in leading successful teams in property, including finance management, funds management, asset management and portfolio management. As Head of Office & Logistics, Matthew is responsible for the investment, asset management, and development of the group’s portfolio of office and logistics assets. Upon joining GPT in 2006, Matthew was responsible for the launch of the $1.9 billion GPT Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund. Prior to his role as Fund Manager, Matthew was the Head of Retail for Lend Lease’s Retail Group, responsible for the asset management of a portfolio of over assets for both GPT and the Australian Prime Property Fund. Prior to his move into property, Matthew spent five years in the audit group of chartered accounting firm PWC.

Property in a time of disruption

The real estate industry is a sector known for its reliability, consistency, low volatility and as being an inflation hedge. Those who may take a more negative view on the traditions of real estate may say that the last great initiative in the sector was the invention of the brick. But almost every legacy industry […]

Co-working is here to stay

Shared or co-working spaces, where freelancers or professionals from different organisations work alongside each other in the same office, have been around for more than decade. For much of that time, the stereotypical image of a co-working space has been a converted warehouse occupied by tech geeks and empty pizza boxes. But co-working is not […]