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The story of Gathering Place

Artist Jasmine Sarin had some reservations when she was first asked by GPT Group to paint an artwork that reflected the company’s values. “I was a bit sceptical at first, thinking it was just a corporate that came in and made buildings and left,’’ says Sarin. Sarin had come into contact with GPT, after one […]

The Empty Room

For those who have worked in property for some time, you tend to develop a productivity barometer when it comes to space. You are always looking for ways to optimise the productivity of that valuable commodity. It’s funny how some of those tendencies can extend beyond the workplace and into our personal life. This made […]

Let property grow the economy

What is a bigger contributor to Australia’s economy than iron ore and coal exports combined? What directly and indirectly generates more gross domestic product than New Zealand’s economy? The answer: Australia’s property sector. The Property Council of Australia this week launched its Let property grow the economy campaign, which highlights the significant contribution the sector […]

Back to the Present

The character Marty McFly would probably be less overwhelmed by the real October 21, 2015 than the fictional one he encountered in the film Back to the Future II. Shortly after arriving into his future at the main square of his hometown, McFly was attacked by a shark hologram jumping out of a cinema playing […]

Click go the bricks

After a decade of traditional retailers scrambling to establish online stores, the tide has turned. Now a growing number of online retailers are rushing to establish a physical presence. This was no better illustrated in February when the world’s largest online retailer Amazon opened its first shopfront in the US. That same month in Australia, […]

GPT launches Reconciliation Action Plan

GPT Group today launched its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which contains a raft of commitments and targets aimed at helping close the disadvantage gap faced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. The launch in GPT’s Sydney headquarters was opened by a Welcome to Country from Gadigal Elder Uncle Allen Madden. GPT chief […]

Sydney’s white-collar riding boom

Sydney is often cited as one of the world’s less friendly cities for cyclists. Often singled out for its impatient motorists and lack of bike lanes, Australia’s largest city is far from cycling paradise. Despite these challenges, a record number of commuters are now travelling to work by bike in Sydney. Between 2006 and 2011, the […]

Office basements get luxury workout

Office buildings are on a health kick. With environmental ratings now well established across the office sector, buildings are now being measured on how they promote good health among their occupants. This is a result of the growing trend for companies to encourage white collar workers to adopt less sedentary lifestyles. With the long-term health […]