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Property in a time of disruption

The real estate industry is a sector known for its reliability, consistency, low volatility and as being an inflation hedge. Those who may take a more negative view on the traditions of real estate may say that the last great initiative in the sector was the invention of the brick. But almost every legacy industry […]

Ununiformed approach helps youth

Dandenong Plaza had two options to address the surge in anti-social behaviour that had resulted in a number of assaults in the south-east Melbourne shopping centre. Hire more security staff. Or seek to address the source of the problem which was often a result of young males in the local community having little to do. […]

GPT halfway towards zero emissions

With attention focused on the Abbott Government’s commitments ahead of the UN climate change conference in Paris in December, it is of note that there is one Australian industry considered a global leader in its efforts to improve sustainability outcomes and reduce emissions – Property. And the leader among the Australian property companies is GPT […]