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Co-working is here to stay

Shared or co-working spaces, where freelancers or professionals from different organisations work alongside each other in the same office, have been around for more than decade. For much of that time, the stereotypical image of a co-working space has been a converted warehouse occupied by tech geeks and empty pizza boxes. But co-working is not […]

The end of performance reviews?

The end of performance reviews? Don’t bet your life on it. In 1897, a journalist was sent to inquire on a rumour Mark Twain was near death. In fact, it was Twain’s cousin who was very ill. Twain recounted the event in the New York Journal of 2 June 1897, giving birth to much repeated […]

More companies embrace shared values

An increasing number of major Australian companies are adopting shared value strategies, according to a project aimed to encourage businesses to adopt practices that boost competitiveness while at the same time creating benefits for the wider community. In its first survey, the Shared Value Project has found that 19 Australian companies out of the 163 […]

Rouse Hill Town Centre: GPT’s innovation lab

GPT Group recognises the importance of having to continually push the boundaries and innovate. As owners of real estate, we are constantly adapting to the evolution of the physical environment and more recently this has come to involve the digital world. We now operate in an environment where the physical and digital worlds are intertwined. […]

Tech influx reshapes Sydney CBD

As the list of the world’s top multinationals becomes increasingly populated by technology firms, so too are the skylines of the world’s major business centres. Sydney is no exception to this trend, with technology firms now more interested than ever before in being located in or around the city’s CBD. Reversing the trend of many […]