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Jumping ship to pursue your passion

Jumping ship to pursue your passion


Much of the modern day workforce will very likely switch career paths in their lifetime. Often, you need to explore different jobs and sectors to determine what satisfies you on a professional level with an organisational culture that resonates positively. However, it is easier said than done to jump ship to an entirely different industry and try your hand at something else.

I made the decision to jump ship and change industries six years ago to follow my passion and reshape my career path.

After high school, I completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. My long term goal was to evenutally study medicine and become a General Medical Practitioner. However, as my time passed in the industry, I felt my engagement dwindle, and found it increasingly difficult to envisage a long term career in health. I was interested in sports and wellbeing, but had always had a stronger passion for my hobby of property investment.

I reached a ‘line in the sand’ moment when I realised I was far more interested in reading the Australian Financial Review and studying the property market than reading allied health journals.

After enormous consideration, I decided I would be better off embracing my hobby and pursuing a career in property or equities. I tested the waters through a stint in the highly competitive world of residential property sales. This brief exposure, while not what I was looking for, was enough to heighten my interest to the point of re-enrolling at Uni in a Bachelor of Business & Commerce, majoring in Property at the University of Western Sydney.

Adam Gruchot, Investment Analyst. 

At 30 years old, full time study was an enormous investment. I was pushed to the brink in my second year, where full time study, part-time truck-driving and the birth of my daughter Chelsea made me contemplate if my move away from a stable job in health was the right decision. However, I persevered and was rewarded for my hard work, placing first in several subjects. I also achieved the Australian Property Institute Award for overall top marks in each year, the Property Council of Australia Leadership Award and the Dean’s medal.

But the game changer was when I won a scholarship from The GPT Group (GPT) to coincide with my last year of study.

Upon completing my final year of study, I began interning with GPT. During my internship, I undertook rotations in several departments, working on a variety of tasks and meeting a wide range of people. These rotations accelerated my understanding of individual property classes within the sector, greatly assisting me in securing a full time role at the end of my internship.

Today, I feel invigorated to come to work each day as an Investment Analyst within the GPT Investment Management team. I’m challenged on a daily basis through a varied and stimulating workload. In addition, GPT’s organisational culture involving personal development, teamwork, accountability and innovation constantly encourages me to strive to achieve excellence.

This combination of suitable work and culture amounts to career satisfaction for me. I am grateful that I listened to my instinct and changed career paths to pursue my true passion in property.


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